About the The Blue Bird Poet: My name is of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, ritual madness, *and* ecstasy *and* Dionicio, en Español, is my name (aka, The God of Wine). ...for my Professors. Go Irish, Go Crimson, Go Maroons, with a shout-out to the wise sisters and brothers from the street (Knowledge Quest): what kind of a poet would I be without the Love and Loveless poems? Well, let us begin with the wind (What It Is About Chi-Town Men). Two lovers and a stranger meeting along the way (The Blue Ridge Parkway). We confessed to being obsessed and driven to the mountains by Miss Poetry (Introduction). They analyzed genetic material, taken with a swab rubbed inside the cheek... it is confirmed, we are all close relations (The Origins of a Star Child). I was never meant to be inside a box (I Was Never Meant to Be). He thinks in rhymes (Rhymes Unsung). Why settle for the meat when you can eat the bone (Sometimes)? At last I wish upon a crystal ball: Gods and Goddesses, please let me have them all (I Wish) (I Fear The Silence Because It Screams The Truth) ... seeds planted for all to see (Your Legacy: Life Goes On). We are all divine spiritual beings. All the best!

Thank you for experiencing the poetry, our interactions, *and*

in the moment

   the satisfaction of this~(#today*)~bird


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Dennis T. Tillman

About the Author: Dennis T. Tillman (aka, "Dennie T") is an American poet and publisher. features Dennie's poems, including many inspired by muses in his social networks. A set of these poems organized themselves into the selections for Published Poems for Penny C — Semi-Autobiography: Five Dollar Poetry from Dennie T. This book presents stories on topics of friendship, spirituality, philosophy, love, and nonsense, with a collection of personality sketches. The poems are primarily written in lyrical rhyming prose to "bridge the gap between the printed page and the spoken word." Published Poems was presented in the first eBook releases (2013) as free flowing text poetry specified and designed for eReaders.

Thank you for visiting my poetry site. May happiness fill your days and nights. Yours truly --> Dennie T.