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Episode 2


Gentle Readers: Please refill and raise your favorite drinks, (virgin or alcoholic) cocktails as you prefer most, and join us here in rose pink for another round of celebratory toasts. The Poetry Party on the Ones is out there. In this moment, all is good where we are together. Thanks for sharing the love, here and forever.

Let us proceed to randomly read stories from The Books. Diving into Part D, we shall see that adult fun is but one of the hooks. From Love and Loveless, in this current progression, we shall proceed to address the ever burning question of, "How should one approach the poetry?" The recommended suggestion is that it is best to just let go: treat it like a jam session and let your imagination flow.

Now Showing: The Lady in Security, specifically inviting thee to play with the poetry as it moves you, too.


Before and after the love, loveless remains. Thus we find poems of loveless-ness to sing. Now Showing: Drag Me Down, another in a series of growing imaginary book reading examples from Published Poems for Penny C. The Gentle Reader is encouraged to sample and once again feel free to personally envision the stories. Cheers to your flow: as you are *and* choose to be.

The Publisher has announced that The Books (the *e*-books), are being bounced the old fashioned way, nice and slow. "We are encoding zeroes and ones," they say, as seen below.

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