Welcome to The Poetry Party on the Ones, a space for spiritual seriousness and loving fun with each other and with the poetry. Thank you, again, for being here to experience and see. We went to the sources in Episode 6 exploring the mystical, magical, and miraculous mix of water, a.k.a. H two O. Here we go where water flows as the preferred non-alcoholic adult beverage, freely served at so many Poetry Parties in the Galaxy. In Episode 7 let us again raise our cups: Cheers to *you*, Gentle Readers, with spirituality, shared lovingly from me. Likewise, we share a song...

Poetry Party Water Cure

  • STEP 1: Pour a large, celebratory glass of mountain fresh water. If it appears that mountain fresh water is in immediate short supply, simply fill your cup up with water from a faucet nearby. Then try, with an open mind and heart, to envision the water flowing by, into your glass, as being the most refreshing glacially pure water in the Universe. Fill your cup, visualizing, for example, that you have trekked to the purest source on Earth, or such, feeling happy as we do when touched by a lover's kiss, on the way to fetching a loving gift such as this:

  • STEP 2: Consider your cup, with mindful, deep breathing awareness, as representing, as being, filled with mountain fresh, glacially pure water. When you are moved, drink, celebrate, and thoughtfully relish the water flowing through your veins.

  • STEP 3: Pray to Mother Nature a happy thought, thanking her for the rains.

  • STEP 4: We repeat steps 1, 2, and 3, as above, this time taking our time as in experiencing slow and sweet love. Drink and experience the water over a period of 15 to 20 minutes such as we would when imbibing in our favorite alcoholic beverages at the party, lounge, pub, bar, or club. Let us drink the water and flow with the love.

Meditation: The Poetry Party Water Cure is a 20 minute spiritual meditation. Perform steps 1-3 for 5 minutes and step 4 for 15 minutes, daily, for 21 days.  

Episode 6 sources (recap) : WATER :* The great mystery; mystery 2; | ** The Water Cure; cure 2; cure 3 | *** The Miracle of Water; water properties games

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