Episode 6: The Quest

Hello once again, Gentle Readers everywhere! Thank you for joining the friends at this Poetry Party set square to dare all to have a ball, mix, mingle, and share exotic adult beverages self-served with poetry and flair (alcoholic and non-alcoholic, in the moment and as *you* prefer to prepare). 

Our favorite adult beverage, of course is water clean and pure a most divine and mysterious substance* for sure. Let us start with a toast, then, from our water glasses and cups, recognizing that the water cure** is real and that is a miracle*** that is truly on the up. Indeed, water is best. Cheers and toasts as we continue on this spiritual knowledge quest.


Knowledge Quest

* The great mystery; mystery 2; | ** The Water Cure; cure 2; cure 3 | *** The Miracle of Water; water properties games

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