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Episode 1

Gentle Readers: Welcome to the Poetry Party on the Ones. We are delighted to see you join us for serious adult fun (such as presently heavily indulging in your favorite alcoholic *or* virgin cocktails, hopefully mixed with some sunshine). Let us relax and free the mind for a hot moment: it's party time!


1) As the festivities swing into a Grown Ups groove, 2) to keep it smooth, 3) for all the best, and 4) given that we are also celebrating a Spiritual Knowledge Quest, join us for a drink of iced cold water, consumed with mindfulness and gratitude for all divine substances of the Universe. This is a space for friendship, love, and happiness. Let us share the ~vibes~ to start this party right and blest. Foreshadowing more to come: thank you for being here, wherever you are from, with all of us. Cheers *and* toasts to the most!  

Ratings: *RESTRICTED* by The Man *and* The Lady to all Gentle Readers *and* Lovers. The official position of the Poetry Party on the Ones is, "drink tea and bring your Voter ID." All is good . . . on with the show!

Now Playing: The Books Trailer, a silent godless Adult Poem Movie(**view notes).


**The Blue Bird Poet advises parents that at least one of the poems contains the word "godless" used in a desert / bush / street poetry context. We call that a godless poem. A godless Adult Poem Movie, likewise, contains words such as "godless." "This is that kind of Adult Party," is what The Jester says. (** go to top)

Following thus, with a spiritual message between the lines, calibrated to rock the tone and move us along as the party has started and continues going on ... Your Legacy (from a poem originally published, of all places, for Penny C on a social networking site that is full of Faces).

The Books, from what we know, are being produced, as seen below.


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