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Episode 3

Gentle Readers: much love to *you* and thanks for hanging out with the party. Join us as we toast and do drink a few spiked-up Irish Hot Toddies. We'll recommend coffee or tea, hot or cold, mixed with Irish Cream and Irish Whiskey for those who prefer an alcoholically bold start to round three of The Poetry Party on The Ones. Please also raise a glass of water with me: ~Cheers!~ to new beginnings as the past is done. Again, we are together. *You* are a Divine Spiritual Being and *We* are of The One.

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#KeepDrinking #KeepSmoking *and* in this Spiritual Knowledge Quest, #DreamAWorldOfTruth


"Signs that adult beverages are over-flowing at #PoetryParty," is what the Blue Bird Poet tweeted from the floor. Happily, Gentle Readers, we are seated on this side of the door. See and click below to watch and learn more.

Now Showing: this . . . conversation, real-talk in a glowing godless Adult Poem Movie (**view notes) throwing another imaginary book reading example into the party mix.


Now Flowing: air and water. Gentle Reader, join us, literally, as you read to consciously breathe by taking the deepest Buddah-belly breath in this moment. Please truly and fully inhale; smile to your heart; think "be well"; and easy, now let it all out. We are experiencing a cool part of what the party is about @ the intersection of read and breathe. Likewise, let us refill our glasses and prepare to receive the ultimate adult beverage, a cocktail of water. Toasts for the wonders of the Universe! The world is what we make it. Now on with fodder ... #spiritual #revolution ...

... "We hold the strongest truths to be self-evident: All people are born equal and free, to live without domination, and are endowed naturally with certain, inalienable, and Universal Rights. Among these, preeminent are the pursuit of Happiness, Liberty, and Life, with Justice, Equality, and Democracy arising as we unite, with Freedom for all by Destiny as we evolve from darkness into spiritual light..." from The Declaration of Independence and Unity, published for Penny C at The Publisher says, "We are printing those kind of e-Book digits, too," as seen beyond:

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