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Episode 5

Hello, Every One: Welcome to episode number five. Thank you for joining the fun with *us* as we strive for ... love, peace, well being, compassion, kindness, and happiness in our hearts during our journey together on this spiritual knowledge quest. Cheers to the wonders of the Universe as we are blessed. Now let us refresh ourselves with adult beverages while we mix, mingle, and mesh @ The Poetry Party on The Ones.

If I have a wish that is to come true, then I wish the best for *you*.

Now Showing: Wish in a poem movie.

The publisher is pleased to announce that digits have been bounced all over the world wide web. We hope you will find your eBook store, some love, and even more as seen on 'The Books' webpage at Poetry469. Feel free to take the party with thee to any of these mighty hearty, Blue Bird Poet friendly websites. You may pick up a spiffy device or eReader app then get 'The Books' today so that you may play with the poetry later on tonight: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Poetry469.

Thank you for joining us at the Poetry Party on the Ones for this episode of poetry. If  you have a poem, some benefits, a question, or thoughts, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Yours truly, The Blue Bird Poet (aka, @denniet).




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